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ICCV 2019

At ICCV 2019, Clova AI had a remarkable performance in research. Four papers have been accepted to ICCV 2019. Clova AI had won a great opportunity to present two of its accepted papers: CutMix: Regularization Strategy to Train Strong Classifiers with Localizable Features, and What is Wrong with Scene Text Recognition Model Comparisons? Dataset and […]

What Is Wrong With Scene Text Recognition Model Comparisons? Dataset and Model Analysis (ICCV 2019 Oral)

Jeonghun Baek, Geewook Kim, Junyeop Lee, Sungrae Park, Dongyoon Han, Sangdoo Yun, Seong Joon Oh, Hwalsuk Lee arXiv Github Motivations for this Research Regular Irregular Examples of regular (IIIT5k, SVT, IC03, IC13) and irregular (IC15, SVTP, CUTE) real-world datasets Referred to as scene text recognition (STR), reading text in natural scenes, as shown above, has […]

ICCV 2019

International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV is a biennial research conference that is considered the most prestigious conference on computer vision. It is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering. This year’s conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea from October 27 to […]

Photorealistic Style Transfer via Wavelet Transforms (ICCV 2019)

Jaejun Yoo, Youngjung Uh, Sanghyuk Chun, Byeongkyu Kang, Jung-Woo Ha arXiv Github Reddit Jaejun Yoo’s Blog What is Photorealistic Style Transfer and Why is It Needed? Photorealistic stylization results. Given (a) an input pair (top: content, bottom: style), the results of (b) WCT (c) PhotoWCT and (d) our model are shown. Every result is produced […]