NAVER AI Hackathon 2019 #Speech

As of October 27, 2019, the third NAVER hackathon has ended.

NAVER selected 100 teams through document screening. The shortlisted teams were invited for the preliminary round. The second online round was held on NSML (Sung et al., 2017) from September 16 to October 4. The participants solved problems on speech recognition using the Korean phone network database. Then from October 7 to 10, the top 30 teams moved on to the next round: the final online round. The final offline round was held at the Chuncheon Connect One center from October 26 to 27. The final mission was to solve the making of the optimized model by considering the recognition rate, speed, and model size.

The participants gathered at the Chuncheon Connect One center over the weekend for the final offline round.

Youngkwan Kim from Clova AI NSML is advising the participants.

Veteran engineers and researchers from Clova AI engaged in the hackathon as mentors. They offered valuable guidance in speech recognition to the participants.

The happy smiles of the winners.


The champion (Team Morae) received the cash prize of KRW 3,000,000. The first runner up (Team Blah) was awarded KRW 1,500,000, and the second runner up (Team 마더판다스) received KRW 500,000.

Also, we will come back with more hackathons in the future, so please stay tuned to our updates on our Facebook page.