AI RUSH 2019

On June 26, Naver and LINE announced a global hackathon for artificial intelligence, AI RUSH. As of August 29, the two-month-long journey of AI RUSH 2019 has finally come to an end.

Naver and LINE hosted this hackathon to spark AI technology development through a sharing of knowledge and experience in the relevant fields between the participants from all over the world and seasoned developers from Naver and LINE. Current engineers of Naver and Line also participated in this event as mentors, helping the applicants enhance their understanding of on-site knowledge.

Out of the entire applicants, 100 have made it to the preliminary round. They were provided with necessary resources for model development through NSML* and asked to complete a variety of deep-learning and machine-learning tasks on image classification and click-through rate (CTR) prediction, both online and offline for about a month. After the ten-day-long online preliminary round, the top 30 teams advanced to the finals, which took place at Naver Connect One in Chuncheon of Gangwon Province, Korea. The final ranking was determined based on the combined number of points earned in the elimination and the final rounds. The winners received the cash prize of $15,000 in total: $10,000 for the champion (NYT), $3,000 for the first runner-up (TeamMDL), and $2,000 for the second runner-up (Cheat_Key).

* NAVER Smart Machine Learning (NSML), Naver’s cloud machine learning platform
The NSML Leader Board allowed participants to check their teams’ scores and real-time rankings.

The winners are as following:

  • Champion: NYT
  • First runner-up: TeamMDL
  • Second runner-up: Cheat_Key

The final offline round took place at Naver Connect One in Chuncheon.

NYT, TeamMDL, and Cheat_Key received the cash prize of $15,000 in total.

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