Internship Program


  • Clova AI Research is a global team for research and development of preceding AI technologies for Clova. We are currently looking for AI researchers and engineers with outstanding competencies to make Clova a globally recognized AI platform
  • Clova AI Research has established a very powerful and open collaborative network not only within Clova but also with other organizations within Naver
  • As Clova AI Reseach is a global team, English is the working language


  • Applicants with AI-related majors (machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, applied mathematics, etc.) or equivalent experience/competency
  • Development capabilities based on the open-source framework, such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, Caffe2, etc.
  • Ability to actively identify and conduct self-directed researches

Preferential qualifications

  • English communication skills
  • Ability to quickly and accurately implement the latest works on AI (within 1~2 weeks)

People we want to hire

  • Applicants who enthusiastically perform tasks and missions in a self-directed manner
  • Applicants who can actively communicate and cooperate with an open-mind
  • Nationality is irrelevant
Selection process and other matters
  • Document screening > Coding test > Deep learning implementation test and oral presentation >  Technical interview > Admission (research intern only)
  • Mandatory documents to submit: CV, Research proposal (mandatory for research intern only; for development intern, research proposal is not mandatory)
  • The selection process may vary by schedule and circumstances.
  • A detailed schedule for the selection process will be notified to each applicant, upon finalization.
Additional Information
  • The final selection of an applicant may be canceled if the application he/she submitted is found to contain false information.
  • Those who are eligible for employment protection (veterans, persons with disabilities) will be subjected to preferential treatment according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • If you have any questions, please send us an email to
  • This recruitment may be terminated prematurely once the positions are filled.
  • Please send your CV and cover letter to