ICCV 2019

International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV is a biennial research conference that is considered the most prestigious conference on computer vision. It is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering. This year’s conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea from October 27 to November 2.

NAVER Corporation will attend this conference and run a booth as a gold member sponsor. Please visit our booth and get to know about our new state-of-the-art technologies and career opportunities.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the ICCV 2019 soon.

The following dissertations of Clova AI have been accepted and will be presented at the ICCV 2019 conference. Please refer to the following for further information:

CutMix: Regularization Strategy to Train Strong Classifiers with Localizable Features (Oral) Sangdoo Yun, Dongyoon Han, Seong Joon Oh, Sanghyuk Chun, Junsuk Choe*, YoungJoon YooA new data augmentation technique for the enhancement of backbone performance arXiv Github blog
What is Wrong with Scene Text Recognition Model Comparisons? Dataset and Model Analysis (Oral)Jeonghun Baek, Geewook Kim, Junyeop Lee, Sungrae Park, Dongyoon Han, Sangdoo Yun, Seong Joon Oh, Hwalsuk LeeAn overhaul of OCR experiment protocols and benchmarks A proposal for the new framework to measure performance and analyze the existing STR modelsarXiv Github
Photorealistic Style Transfer via Wavelet TransformsJaeJun Yoo, YoungJung Uh, Sanghyuk Chun, Byungkyu Kang*, Jung-Woo HaAn end-to-end wavelet pooling photorealistic style transfer without any post processingarXiv Github blog
A Comprehensive Overhaul of Feature DistillationByeongho Heo*, Jeesoo Kim*, Sangdoo Yun, Hyojin Park*, Nojun Kwak, Jin Young ChoiA new knowledge distillation technique on ImageNet-1k that shows a better performance than the existing state-of-the-art methodsarXiv Github blog

* denotes an intern researcher

Furthermore, research works by the intern researchers (each marked with an asterisk next to the name) have been accepted at the ICCV 2019 conference. Such acceptance means that the intern researchers’ dissertation and their contribution to the research have acquired global recognition. As seen from these outstanding accomplishments of the intern researchers, Clova AI offers participants a great chance to work under a research setting in which they can solely focus on research into deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, backed by a diverse array of real-world data and abundant GPU’s, along with the guidance of seasoned professionals in the corresponding field.

You may refer to the following content to check whether you will be a great fit for this position.

Clova AI is looking for …

  • applicants with AI-related majors (machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, applied mathematics, etc.) or equivalent experience/competency
  • development capabilities based on open-source frameworks, such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, Caffe2, etc.
  • ability to actively identify and conduct self-directed researches
  • English communication skills (preferred)
  • ability to quickly and accurately implement the latest works on AI (within 1~2 weeks) (preferred)

Last but not least, applicants who enthusiastically perform tasks and missions in a self-directed manner and who can actively communicate and cooperate with an open-mind are welcome. Please send us your cover letter and CV to clova-jobs@navercorp.com

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